Poseidon’s Scuptures by Chris Burkard

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Old World Language Families Map

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Words! Mere Words!

Crush, Richard Siken.


Maggie Stiefvater Q&A #10


I really like how in your novels you include certain details that give the book more life—most fantasy novels dive into the pure magic of it all, and don’t add the details that you do in dialogue tags, in attempting to describe the gait of each character, in explaining how they are dealing with high school life, in introducing social issues, etc. But is this something natural that you do, or do you really have think about? I feel as if it’s easy to gloss over these details. Do you consider deeply before you write, or does it just come out and you just revise it to give it more character and relevance? Asked by quiddlyfifflepus

Maggie’s answer:

Don’t get me wrong: I love magic. I do. I can’t imagine writing a novel without a speculative element to it. Ever. I don’t like to speak in absolutes, because they make me look not-clever when I change my mind later, but I think that one is pretty safe. Magic. Maggie. Yes.

That said, though, that is not the first thing on my mind when I’m plotting my books. All I care about is the people. The characters. I need to know them. Not the details — hair color, favourite food, etc. But what makes them tick. How they think. How they approach the world. Then I can answer why do they tick that way? Why do they think that way? Why this approach? And then I ask – And how will that change? CAN I BREAK THEM? Can I fix them?

So the character moments come first, always, and are the result of very conscious brainstorming sessions. I play my scenes out in my head like a movie scene before I write a word down, and most of these play-throughs are rejected before they ever hit paper. I consider character more and more in every run through. I’m always asking: how do we expect them to react? Can I make them react in a different way that’s still in character? Because the most satisfying thing for a reader, I think, is to know a character but still learn something new about them in every chapter. 

This is really hard to ask a discussion question on hmm..

Which character have you enjoyed watching grow over the course of the Raven Cycle? 

I’ve loved Adam’s development most of all the characters I think. Though I do look forward to seeing more of the Gray Man.

Are there any characters who you feel have a mind that tick like yours?

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Title: When I Get My Hands On You Artist: The New Basement Tapes 266 plays


When I Get My Hands On You | The New Basement Tapes


christmas list:

  • no more anxiety 
  • $$$$$$
  • clear skin

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i look too hot for this party i’m going to 

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