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Scotland [6] - North West Scotland/Wester Ross

- Loch Torridon, Eilean Donan Castle, Bealach Na Ba Pass, Gruinard Bay, Applecross, Bealach Na Ba, Fain, Cuaig, Loch Carron, Bealach na Ba

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i can’t find you darling 
a blue/gansey conversation

paradise // lily & madeleine
i only have eyes for you // peggy lee
kingfisher // phox
magic (coldplay cover) // jasmine thompson
ragged wood // fleet foxes
ends of the earth // lord huron
flowers (eurydice’s song) // anais mitchell
orpheo looks back // andrew bird
things i’ll later lose // lily and madeleine


PHOX // settle down (kimbra cover)


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By Grace, We are Saved

updated version of this illustration for mine & arisprite's verse on Ao3

available in my redbubble and society6 shop as various things

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Hey Monster

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I find it really interesting that the historical men like Vincent Van Gogh, Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon portrayed in Moffat Who are always three dimensional and treated respectfully, while the historical women like Elizabeth the First and Nefertiti, are always love sick dolls drooling over the Doctor.

It almost seems like Moffat cannot take women seriously, even if they ruled nations.

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One of my favourite things about Harry Potter is that Harry is such an unreliable narrator, not because he’s lying, but because he was so oblivious, just about anything could be going on under his nose and he wouldn’t even notice. It’s great because it supports basically every headcanon. Like, no, Harry would not have noticed if Sirius and Remus were dating, I know he’s The Chosen One but he’s about as perceptive as a pile of bricks.

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